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1. The Customs & Excise Department of the HKSAR Government

The Customs & Excise Department of the HKSAR Government is a progressive organization which contributes to the stability and prosperity of the community, by protecting against smuggling and trafficking and upholding the law, protecting consumer interests, protecting and facilitating legitimate trade and industry and upholding Hong Kong's trading integrity, etc. In order to achieve further improvement, it invited TQM to provide a Department-wide training known as “Achieving Excellence in Organizational Performance through Balanced Scorecard”.

Project Scope

  1. Provided Department-wide training on the application of Balanced Scorecard in performance management, known as “Achieving Excellence in Organizational Performance through Balanced Scorecard”
  2. Trained the key staff of Customs & Excise Department with the knowledge and skills in organizational performance so as to facilitate their improvement programs
  3. Produced Sample balanced scorecards for the Division as an illustration in the training courses


  • Received positive comments from the majority of the participants about the Balanced Scorecard approach. Many of the comments actually requested more training on the topic
  • The workshops were very well received. For the four types of workshops, more than 75% (Directorate), 82% (SS, S and PTCO), 64% (AS and CTCO) and 61% (Trainers) of the participants rated the usefulness as 4 or higher (from a scale of 1 to 5). Only 0% (Directorate), 0% (SS, S and PTCO), 1.2% (AS and CTCO) and 7.1% (Trainers) rated the usefulness as 2 or below

2. L.K. Machinery Company Limited

L.K. Machinery Co. Ltd. (LK) is one of the largest hot-chamber and cold-chamber die-casting machine manufacturers in the world. Their plastic injection molding machines also capture a very important position in the market. To suit the continuous development and improve company operation efficiency, LK is always employing the latest technology and equipment to keep on improving its products and services. Therefore, they invited TQM to design and conduct a series of research on organization management and operation improvement and provide related training courses.

Project Scope

  1. Conducted a review on company structure and business strategy
  2. Conducted a detailed environmental scan, a Strengths-Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT) analysis, a strategy development workshop for the Board of Directors and senior management
  3. Re-designed company structure (involving headquarter and major branch offices)


  • Created a set of company Vision, Mission and Values statements
  • Delivered a new set of corporate strategy plan, a new company structure (with Headquarters in Hong Kong and factories in ShenZhen and Shanghai and branch offices in strategic locations in Asia and Europe)
  • Created a new set of roles and functions for the Headquarters and Strategic Business Units including the Directors and Senior Management

3. SimeWinner Nissan Autocrafts Limited

SimeWinner Nissan Autocrafts Limited (SimeWinner) is a member of Sime Darby Motor Group. SimeWinner is an authorised dealer of Japanese vehicles in Mainland China and has established jointly with partners in China a series of Japanese car sales and service centres in various locations of China. Being customer focus and with commitment in continuous improvement, SimeWinner determined to establish a Dealer Management System to further improve the customer service level and company image, so they invited TQM who is a long term partner of Sime Darby Motor Group and has solid experience in this field to assist SimeWinner in the above improvement program.

Project Scope

  1. Assisted to adjust sales and strategic planning, conducted implementation with an aim to improve flow structure and efficiency
  2. Improved the ad effect of showroom and operation efficiency by enhancing its layout design
  3. Developed efficient promotion methodologies and marketing strategy
  4. Designed the customer satisfaction surveys according to the characters of the industry and customers
  5. Analyzed customer satisfaction surveys data and applied the results for sales and products development


  • Enhanced corporate and brand images from various angles
  • Set the overall customer service awareness and enhanced the customer satisfaction
  • Improved market share by 20%
  • Implemented a consistent set of review system for efficient assessing and monitoring of the performance
  • Product development better met the demand of the customers

4. Prime Credit

Established in 1978, PrimeCredit is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered PLC and an authorized deposit-taking company in Hong Kong providing a wide range of financial products and services including consumer finance, mortgage, credit card and deposit. With nearly 30 years experience, PrimeCredit will keep providing innovative financial products and services as well as enhancing service quality with the aim of delivering more tailor made and flexible services to customers. To satisfy needs of continuous development, PrimeCredit invited TQM to help implement improvement, to improve business results and customer satisfaction.

Project Scope

  1. Designed, finalized and sent out questionnaire / surveys to all customers through the client’s service centers
  2. Collected customer responses on and analyzed their satisfaction levels
  3. Reported and presented to the client’s management for better understanding of customer needs
  4. Diagnosed the training needs of the staff
  5. Identified areas for improvement such as locations, opening hours, services, etc. to improve the business results and customer satisfaction


  • Allowed management to make strategic planning as to future locations for opening service centers, opening hours, no. of counters required at different hours, recruitment requirements for candidates, and remuneration package, etc.
  • Improved staff loyalty by providing attractive remuneration packages and satisfying working environment
  • Improved Customer satisfaction level by satisfying their actual needs and fulfilling their requirements


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