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5S/6S Consultancy Service

Efficient Work Space

5S/6S Consultancy Services

TQM has hands-on experience in 5S/6S state-of-the-art applications to achieve impressive and sustainable improvements. We also focus on nurturing, developing and sustaining 5S/6S culture across all organization levels.


5S/6S Gap Analysis & Management Improvement Implementation Coaching

TQM locates the gap between the current performance and the ideal 5S/6S mode of operation in an organization.

TQM assists further through providing the organization 5S/6S Management Improvement Implementation Coaching. 

5S/6S Showcase in a Small Area to Nurture a “Can-do” Culture

TQM runs a 5S/6S Pilot Program to facilitate and motivate the selected members of the organization to diagnose the root causes of the gaps and identify feasible solutions.

A Model for the 5S/6S “Can-do” culture to nurture can be disseminated to all colleagues through sharing sessions.

Structuralize 5S/6S Management System and Develop the 5S/6S Culture

In order to ensure continuous success in 5S/6S Improvement, TQM helps to establish 6S Management Structure.

5S/6S Training Programme

TQM tailor-makes and delivers training courses for achievement of the ideal 5S/6S mode of operation in an organization and for continuous improvement


Some of the topics include: 

  • 5S/6S Basics & Principles

The Dirty Dozen (formulated by Federal Aviation Administration

LEAN Workflow Design to eliminate the Source of “Dirty”/ Contamination

The Germany Way to Control the Source (源頭控制: 德國流整理術)

  •  5S/6S Operations Design:

Ergonomic Design

Humanised Workplace Design (人性化工作場所設計)

User-Friendly Design

Intuitive Operation

  • 5S/6S Workplace Design:

Clean Workbench to create more Work Space (整理工作檯及周邊: 創造“工作空間”)

Visual Management in frontline operations

Case Study