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5S/6S Consultancy Service

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TQM has hands-on experience in 5S/6S state-of-the-art applications to achieve impressive and sustainable improvements. We also focus on nurturing, developing and sustaining 5S/6S culture across all organization levels.



5S/6S Gap Analysis & Management Improvement Implementation Coaching

TQM locates the gap between the current performance and the ideal 5S/6S mode of operation in an organization.

TQM assists further through providing the organization 5S/6S Management Improvement Implementation Coaching. 

5S/6S Showcase in a Small Area to Nurture a “Can-do” Culture

TQM runs a 5S/6S Pilot Program to facilitate and motivate the selected members of the organization to diagnose the root causes of the gaps and identify feasible solutions.

A Model for the 5S/6S “Can-do” culture to nurture can be disseminated to all colleagues through sharing sessions.

Structuralize 5S/6S Management System and Develop the 5S/6S Culture

In order to ensure continuous success in 5S/6S Improvement, TQM helps to establish 6S Management Structure.

5S/6S Training Programme

TQM tailor-makes and delivers training courses for achievement of the ideal 5S/6S mode of operation in an organization and for continuous improvement


Some of the topics include: 

  • 5S/6S Basics & Principles

The Dirty Dozen (formulated by Federal Aviation Administration

LEAN Workflow Design to eliminate the Source of “Dirty”/ Contamination

The Germany Way to Control the Source (源頭控制: 德國流整理術)

  •  5S/6S Operations Design:

Ergonomic Design

Humanised Workplace Design (人性化工作場所設計)

User-Friendly Design

Intuitive Operation

  • 5S/6S Workplace Design:

Clean Workbench to create more Work Space (整理工作檯及周邊: 創造“工作空間”)

Visual Management in frontline operations



TQM has assited to enrich their professional knowledge on Lean Management and apply it to their daily duties, in order to make the hospital’s day-to-day activities more established



TQM has provided consultancy for NXP factory to implement Ultimate 6S and assist continuous improvement culture development. Benchmarking visits have been organised for excellent 6S practices (e.g. CLP, Toyota, HAECO, etc.)