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Adsale Exhibition Services Limited

Increase 35% Efficiency By Simplifying Procedures

Industry: Corporate Services, Exhibition and PR Services
Service: LEAN 6 Sigma/ BPI

Adsale, LEAN, Business Process Improvement

Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. (Adsale) is the largest China trade promotion company. To improve service for exhibitors and exhibition programming workflow, Adsale invited TQM to conduct business process improvement.

Project Scope

  • Review procedures of receiving, processing & developing after-sales service in 2 exhibitions (over 1,000 contracts each) in China per annum

  • Recommend ways of improving procedures/ business processes

  • Suggest possible improvements in exhibitor's manual and order forms


  • Enhanced exhibition process efficiency by 35%

  • Improved manual structure

  • Simplified contracts to eliminate misunderstanding & redundancy due to filling in wrong information

Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd._improvem

“…TQM provided us valuable advice and brought in the best industrial practices… formulated efficient, effective, streamlined workflow”