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Bank of China International Holdings Limited


Improve efficiency of the largest state-owned bank
Industry: Banking, Finance and Insurance Service: Training

TQM successfully assisted Bank of China International Holdings Limited (BOC International)

  • Established a performance management system for "Realizing Strategic Guidance" to effectively solve the problem of disconnection between strategy formulation and implementation, and plugged the "implementation loopholes"

  • Evaluated the performance of the organization from four indicators: financial, customer, internal business process, learning and growth performance, and achieved overall strategic management

  • Effectively transformed the organization's strategy into performance indicators and actions at all levels of the organization, and helped employees at all levels to communicate and understand organizational goals and strategies

  • Greatly improved the overall management level of the organization, which was conducive to the long-term and rapid development of the organization


TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG as guest of honor at the ceremony

BOCI provides a full range of investment banking services, including mergers and acquisitions, securities sales and transactions, stock derivatives, asset management, etc.

TQM assisted BOCI in strategic evaluation to evaluate the operation of various functional departments, and establish a performance measurement and comparison mechanism. According to the functional characteristics of different departments, design and formulate targeted improvement goals to achieve rapid growth of employees and improvement of their core competence.

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