Where Life Is Made of Challenges

Each day, TQM’s professionals work with a wide variety of companies of different sizes and nature, helping them solve their top priority problems and identify opportunities. With substantial expertise in the field, we have helped hundreds of clients improve their business performance, and strive for excellence. And it is what our people have made TQM what it is today.

Our Culture

TQM delivers top-quality solutions to our clients by bringing in talented people to our collaborative and joyful environment. Embracing challenges is in our culture and is one of the reasons why TQM is a great place to work.

At TQM, you work with a team of talented people from very different backgrounds—people who give unique perspectives and innovative ideas. We enjoy sharing information and exchanging knowledge. As a result, we grow as a whole team grows. As a team, our people share each other’s ambitions and achievements and very often turn one another into life-long friends.

Our working Environment

Our work environment is as diverse as the industries and services we offer our clients, where your work depends on the skills, background, and business needs. Some possibilities are as follows:

Consultancy projects—Consulting professionals work at clients’ sites most of the time. They travel extensively and may work for clients of different business nature.

Training projects—Training specialists and experienced consultants deliver a variety of training courses both at clients’ sites and at our training centre. The topics they teach vary with their expertise and our business needs.

Internal System Projects—We believe in what we offer our clients, and thus we implement several management systems at our own offices as well. Members of both our operation team and corporate consulting team work together to develop internal systems.

Marketing projects—Members of the Corporate Consulting Team to build our image and brand, and to communicate with the marketplace directly.


Our working values

With our mission to be the best consultancy firm in Greater China region, we sustain our work values as follows to achieve it: Our client comes first

  • Quality is our emphasis

  • We work with clients and teammates as intimate partners

  • Our people are our major asset

  • Sincerity and the urge for excellence are at the core of our spirit


If you are keen to work in our challenging, yet rewarding environment, you are most welcomed to send in your resume to us via the internet at, specifying the position that you are applying for.