Supor (SEB Groupe’s Subsidiary)

Increasing profit by ¥100 million per year

-QA enables a "quick win in profit & quality"

TQM provided Supor with professional consulting services for process improvement

  • The original innovative method of “-QA: Subtractive Quality Assurance” was used to achieve breakthroughs, and the results were remarkable, achieving annual cost savings and an increase in profits of ¥100 million, and further improved high quality
  • Modular electronic circuit integration (IC) design scheme, using HALT/HASS to quickly complete the verification of IC product quality to ensure reliability
  • On the premise of maintaining a good customer experience, TQM broke through the process bottleneck, optimized product design, saved energy and materials, and simplified process procedures, achieving both optimized functions and substantial cost reductions
  • Supor and major suppliers worked together to achieve a “quick win in profit & quality”, ensuring the reasonable profits of strategic suppliers
  • Carried out a series of excellent quality training for Supor’s product development teams, production engineers and QC/product reliability engineers improved key personnel’s knowledge of cutting-edge quality management such as design quality, supply quality and manufacturing quality, and established the most suitable for Supor Quality improvement methods​
TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG (center) and Supor Senior Managers
TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG attended the Supor Supplier Day and delivered an inspiring speech on the award-winning -QA

Supor Co., Ltd. is the world’s top research and development manufacturer of kitchenware. Its cookware and household appliances are sold to 41 countries and regions around the world. Pressure cookers, woks, frying pans, and steamers have ranked first in the domestic market for many years.

As the leader in kitchenware and kitchen appliances industry all over the world, Supor Co., Ltd. has always been committed to the pursuit of excellent quality and continuous improvement and innovation. This coincides with the concept of TQM! Supor sincerely invited TQM to carry out a comprehensive improvement project for its products, and assisted in technical improvement and strategic planning in terms of product design reliability and quality, continuously improving product quality and achieving cost reduction and profit increase!