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Chinese Recreation Club, Hong Kong

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Strive for Excellence to Serve Privileged Guests

Industry: Food, Catering, Beauty & Health Care and Hotel Management Service: ISO/ SHE/ Management System    

Chinese Recreation Club, Hong Kong (CRC) is a well-established organization providing recreational activities and facilities to its members.


To improve the services, CRC has engaged TQM in conducting a series of “Customer Service Excellence” training programme for them based on ISO 10002 Quality management - Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations.

Project Scope

  • Develop implementation plan on improvement opportunities

  • Conduct 'Customer Service Excellence' programme for supervisory/frontline staff to raise management/service quality

  • Define critical quality requirements in customer service and identify practical skills and techniques required

  • Design tangible customer service strategies complied with industry requirements

  • Equip staff with skills practicable & applicable to daily work


  • Enhanced satisfaction level with customer-serving opportunities

  • Equipped staff with skills of customer irritation signal recognition and methods to find workable solutions

  • Developed skills & techniques in making customers feel privileged

  • Enhanced overall team spirits of CRC

  • Developed staff’s commitment and culture to continuously achieve customer care and satisfaction

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