Case Sharing 

Conghua Zhihua Lamps Company Limited

Up to 100% Improvement in Various IQC Processes

Industry: Electronics and Electrical Appliances
Service: Action 5/10 Programme

Founded in 1993, Conghua Zhihua Lamp Decoration Company Limited (Conghua Zhihua) is a commercial lighting fixture manufacturer in Guangdong with 1,000 factory workers. Conghua Zhihua invited TQM to implement an Action 5/10 Programme to reduce 50+% of IQC workload.

Project Scope

  • Replace AQL sampling by C=0 to reduce sample size

  • Change 100% manual lighting inspection to 90% automated

  • Standardize testing content of factory and suppliers, and use the result of the suppliers as support to skip checking

  • Introduce  Go/No Go-Gauge for dimension measurement

  • Automate manual calculations

  • Optimize LED screening processes



  • Reduced sample size by ~90% with unchanged customer risks

  • Improved 66% lighting inspection efficiency through automation

  • Reduced in-house testing of critical components by 88%

  • Dimension measurement efficiency increased by 85%

  • Data calculation time reduced by 80%

  • Improved testing efficiency by ~100% via increasing 40% Light bulb aging test loading