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Strategic Planning & Change Management

An appropriate corporate strategy can utilize the corporation’s strengths and lay the foundation for success. TQM devises and facilitates the appropriate corporate strategies for our clients.


Through document reviews, site visits and discussions with the management, we collect all the necessary information to assess a company’s portfolio.

TQM strategically reviews your current position with SWOT and PESTEL analysis and analyzes your current performance against the expected results to identify improvement directions and determine its positioning. In view of that, we provide strategic workshops for top executives to analyze their corporate strengths, weaknesses, and competition; hence enabling them to determine the appropriate market positioning and the corresponding objectives.

Based on the analysis result, TQM defines strategic priorities and formulate a strategy map to bridge the gap matching strength and opportunities or converting weaknesses and threats into strengths or opportunities.

With the map, we produces Action Plans with Tasks and Activities and develop metrics for measuring the success of the action plans and achievement of the goals. During the implementation, TQM also frequently checks on the benchmarks and timelines and modifies strategies when new opportunities or obstacles are discovered.



To ensure the successful implementation, we customize the most appropriate and applicable solutions to prepare and support individuals in the organization to transition from the present to the future, to successfully adopt changes, and to drive organizational success.

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