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Strategic Planning & Change Management

An appropriate corporate strategy can utilize the corporation’s strengths and lay the foundation for success. We devise and facilitate the appropriate corporate strategies for our clients. We also assist in the development of business capabilities that are critical to corporate success.


Corporate Portfolio Analysis

Through document reviews, site visits and discussions with the management, we collect all the necessary information to assess a company’s portfolio. By analyzing this information according to the company’s targets, upcoming product launches, and expansion plans, we will formulate a corporate strategic plan. Ultimately, we provide an extensive review of the company’s portfolio and determine its positioning.

Strategic Workshops for Corporate Goal Alignment

We provide strategic workshops for top executives to analyze their corporate strengths, weaknesses, and competition; hence enabling them to determine the appropriate market positioning and the corresponding objectives. More importantly, the capabilities of the workforce are essential, therefore TQM will also provide the relevant training to elevate their technical capabilities, enabling them to provide better and more efficient services. Workers being able to fully understand and align with the corporate goals are conducive to the corporation’s further improvement and development. 

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Strategic Planning & Development

TQM incorporates how competitors will react towards a new launch, whilst reviewing their launch to suggest any immediate actions that can put you in an advantageous position. Also, depending on whether the company plans to expand its customer base, we will also provide action plans and clear directions. We assist in planning and formulating operational strategies to fully meet our client’s targets. TQM will frequently revise and review the corporate strategy plan because one time efforts are not enough. We check benchmarks and timelines and modify strategies when new opportunities or obstacles are discovered.

Change Management

With our expertise, we help companies to stand out among their competitors. Change management can be divided into three levels: personal change management, organizational/proactive change management, and corporate change management capabilities. Effective change management determines the success of your company. It is achieved when individuals are Aware, Desire, Know, Able and Reinforce changes. Your company plays the role of establishing these five aspects upon individuals through a set of plans and actions. 
As a consulting company, TQM provides companies with methods and action plans to increase leadership capability development, achieve greater effectiveness through the way leaders work, reduce time to new market entry, and increase collaboration across the organization. We are able to offer and customize the most appropriate and applicable solutions
 to prepare and support individuals in the organization to transition from the present to the future, to successfully adopt changes, and to drive organizational success.


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