Corporate Strategy Planning

A suitable corporate strategy results in the utilization of the corporation’s strengths and lays the foundation for success. We devise and facilitate appropriate corporate strategies for our clients. We also assist in the development of business capabilities which is essential for corporate success.


Corporate Portfolio Analysis

Through reviewing documents, making site visits and discussions with the management, we collect all the necessary information for assessing a corporate's portfolio. Through analyzing the information in terms of your target and objectives, what type of products will be launched, your expansion plan and etc. We will based on those to set a corporate’s strategic plan.  Ultimately, we deliver an extensive portray of the corporate’s portfolio and determine its positioning.

Strategic Workshops for Corporate Goal Alignment

We provide strategic workshops for top executives to analyze the strengths and weaknesses, competition and threats; hence enabling them to determine the appropriate market positioning and the corresponding objectives and goals. More importantly, capabilities of the workforce is vital, hence TQM will also provide related training to upgrade their technical capabilities which can help to provide better services and higher efficiency. Workers being able to fully understand and align with the corporate target benefit the corporate for further improvement and development. 












Strategic Planning & Development

TQM will include how will the competitors react towards a new launch and also at the same time looking at their' launch and suggest any immediate actions that can be taken to put you in an advantageous position. Also, depending if the corporate plans to expand their customer base, we will also provide action plans and clear directions. We assist in planning and developing their operational strategies to fully align with targets. TQM will modify and review on the corporate strategy plan from time to time basis as one time effort is not enough. We check benchmarks and timelines and revise strategies when new opportunities or obstacles are spotted.

Corporate Strategy