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50% Productivity Raised Via Layout Re-Planning

Industry: Electronics and Electrical Appliances
Service: Other Consultancy Services – Layout Improvement

Raider Motor Corporation (Raider Motor) mainly engages in the design and manufacturing of various AC micro-motors. It is a well-known OEM enterprise for GE. To seek for new development opportunities, Raider Motor invited TQM to provide LEAN Manufacturing consultancy service.

Project Scope

  • Strategically plan for plant layout & determine decoration requirements

  • Rearrange production facilities to smoothen material flow

  • Study machine utilization & determine the need for new machines

  • Define roles and responsibilities of departments and functions to enable successful implementation of the re-layout project



  • Delivered a full set of design and plan for the entire plant

  • Raised total output by more than 50% with the new plant layout

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