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> 2,000 staff operating all activities in > 200 sites/ locations


TQM has assisted two of the largest energy consumer in Hong Kong, WSD and AA to obtain ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate with ZERO NON-CONFORMANCE.


In the field of Energy Conservation/ Saving, we have assisted supplier factories such as Marks & Spencer, Li & Fung, Adidas, etc. to determine how to best utilize the sunlight & wind, reflective rooftops, ceiling windows/ glass, and water curtains. Additionally, when building factories in Cambodia, Vietnam, and China, we help supplier factories to decide on the height of each floor, the generator(s) required, and how they should be maintained.

Our experts provide energy assessment, energy-saving recommendations and support, enabling clients to achieve measurable returns within a reasonable period of time (few months / 1-2 years).

  • ISO 50001 Energy Management System

  • Energy Audit

  • Carbon Audit

  • Energy Efficiency Consultancy 


ISO 50001 Energy management System for

3 Key Buildings: BOC Tower, BOC Centre and

BOC Wan Chai Commercial Centre

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