Case Sharing 

Dramatically Improved Staffs’ Awareness of “Occupational Safety and Health”

Industry: Government Department
Service: Occupational Health and Safety Management


TQM has designed and delivered a workshop for frontline officers, workshop staff, civilian staff and other key staff to equip them with required knowledge, skills and techniques in safety / risk assessment, reporting, investigation, statistical analysis of work-related accidents, and safety management of workplace.

Project Scope:

  • Design and deliver “Risk Assessment” workshop for frontline officers, workshop staff and civilian staff to equip them with relevant knowledge, skills and techniques in risk assessment

  • Design and deliver “Accident Investigation” workshop for officers to equip them with knowledge, skills and techniques in reporting, investigation and statistical analysis of work-related accidents

  • Design and deliver “Occupational Safety and Health Awareness” workshop to facilitate Safety and Health Committee (SHC) members and civilian recruits to understand the importance and function of safety management in improvement of workplace safety



  • Equipped staff with required knowledge, skill and techniques

  • Dramatically improved staffs’ awareness of safety at workplace

  • Staff learnt the importance of occupational safety and health