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Golden Resources

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Strive for Excellence in Quality & Food Safety

Industry: Food, Catering, Beauty & Health Care and Hotel Management Service: ISO/ SHE/ Management System    

Golden Resources has achieved the pre-eminent position of being the largest wholesaler and distributor within the Hong Kong rice industry.


An ongoing commitment to quality urges Golden Resources to invite TQM to help develop ISO 9001 & HACCP to continue improving its quality & food safety management and maintain its competitive advantage.

Project Scope

  • Introduce ISO 9001 & HACCP concepts & requirements to staff

  • Set measurable and concrete objectives to improve food safety

  • Develop ISO 9001 & HACCP management system


  • Designed and implemented a management system to comply with both ISO 9001 and HACCP requirements

  • Enhanced food safety & quality control in operational processes

  • Designed potential hazard analysis in grain processing, and identified the critical control points

  • Established methodologies to control the critical control points and coached their implementation

  • Acquired ISO 9001 and HACCP Certifications

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