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The Halo Group


Boost Company Synergy to Raise Productivity

Industry: Metal, Glassware, Wood and Furniture Service: LEAN 6 Sigma/ BPI

The Halo Group (HALO) is a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury furniture and lifestyle products. HALO invited TQM to provide Act-N-Achieve LEAN consultancy services to shorten their production cycle.

Project Scope

  • Critically review and assess the entire design process, communication flow and documentation

  • Review the product engineering mechanism, identify non-standardization, non-centralization and non-alignment among HALO and its suppliers/ designers

  • Boost team synergy through team-building and culture workshop


  • Shortened the sample preparation time

  • Established 4 critical control gate checklists for 4 core products

  • Optimized control and tracking throughout the design process

  • Coordinated and established product QC standards and standard operating procedures with HALO’s suppliers/ designers

  • Set up centralized documents/ record control center

  • Developed team spirit and positive culture in HALO


HALO's management expressed his concerns on the current operation

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