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Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation

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15% Annual growth After Using TQM Solutions

 Industry: Banking, Finance and Insurance Service: LEAN 6 Sigma/ BPI

Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (HKECIC) provides insurance coverage for HK exporters who trade on credit terms with their overseas clients, protecting them against the risks of non-payment for goods delivered or services rendered. 

In order to provide high-quality service, HKECIC invited TQM to provide process improvement solutions.

Project Scope

  • Define the business improvement potential of HKECIC

  • Benchmark world-class quality service

  • Set measurable performance assessment criteria

  • Determine the baseline and periodical targets

  • Coached all levels of staff to effectively implement improved procedures

  • Ensure continual improvement in operational performance



  • Successfully established effective operational workflow

  • Set up feasible quality objectives

  • HKECIC insurance coverage expanded to different sectors including small businesses with a guarantee of a maximum of HK$40 billion

  • HKECIC has an average of 14.5% annual growth in its insured business over 9 years, reaching HK$102 billion in 2014

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