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Assessing Laboratory's Safety and Environmental Risk

Industry: Government/ Public Utility/R&D Service: Safety/ Environmental/ Risk Assessment

HKSTP Lab Visit

TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG conducted on-site inspection

Laboratory safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) has engaged TQM to conduct safety and environmental Risk Assessment for dismantling works (during the migration of a chemical laboratory) of HKSTP.


Project Scope

  • Identify the potential risks of the dismantling works

  • Recommend appropriate measures to control/ mitigate/ minimize the risks identified

  • Suggest any specific licenced person(s)/ companies required to carry out certain activities


  • Identified and reported on the potential Safety and Environmental risks and hazards associated with the dismantling works

  • Established a control mechanism for the risks identified

  • Recommend risk migration measures to minimise the risks

  • Recommended preventive actions and remedial actions

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