Indo Count Industries Limited (Sewing Factory)


Increase Process Traceability for Better Quality Control

Industry: Textile and Apparels
Service: Act'N'Achieve Program


TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG  (Center) and;

the managerial staff of a high-quality cotton fabric manufacturer in India

Indo Count Industries Limited (Indo Count) is an India-based high-quality cotton fabric manufacturer, one of the major suppliers of the global sourcing leader Li & Fung. To further improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness, Indo Count invited TQM to assess its current operations and improve its key processes.

Project Scope

  • Assess the performance of inspection lights, in terms of the light source, light intensity, colour, etc.

  • Identify contamination sources and provide rectifying measures

  • Identify causes of uncut thread defects

  • Define uncut thread IQC Standard for cut panel

  • Introduce in-process control and review performance

  • Introduce traceability to work processes such as production line operations and QC inspections


  • Verified light source to ensure sufficient intensity with lightboxes

  • Installed temporary floor on top of dirty/ muddy surroundings  to prevent dirt/ mud from being transferred into the factory

  • Implemented preventive measures to cater to possible failure modes of auto thread-cutting machine

  • Added fabric samples at the workstation for “in-process colour check” to establish an objective standard for quality control

  • Implemented preventive measures to cater for  failure modes of auto thread-cutting machines

  • Finalized the control plan and introduced records/ logbooks to ensure all procedures are followed

  • Designed daily/hourly system on top of the existing system to provide instant feedback to workers upon discovery of defects

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