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Information Security 

Your Total Solution to Excellence

TQM anticipates the approach to control and manage information security to companies, ensuring all internal and external data and information are being protected. IS addresses with risks and threats within the corporate network which include inside threats, data loss and external cyberattacks. Our system can protect physical IT hardware from damage, loss, or unauthorized access.



Our Information system provide colleagues, suppliers and other stakeholders clear and easy actions in how to protect their information under risk. As a user friendly system, it is easy to share policies and controls with everyone who are required to know and provide them with access both across and beyond your company.  We are able to identify and resolve IT issues in ways that minimize the impact to end users. To solve your company's IS issues, TQM provides a full suite of ISMS management and improvement tools, additionally guiding the organization through process from senior management to reporting ISMS issues.

TQM also provides penetration test service both internally and externally. Our external penetration exercise is able to uncover both internal and external information from any external attacker without any internal access assistance while our internal penetration exercise can identify insider attack and stimulate within premises once.