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Shenzhen Jilian Handbag Products Company Limited

30% Productivity Increase by TQM’s LEAN Program

Industry: Handbag Service: LEAN/Improvement

Shenzhen Julian Handbag Products Company Limited (Jilian) was founded in 2003. Over the years, Julian has dedicated themself to the design and manufacture of all kinds of bags and became one of the leading bag manufacturers and exporters in China.


Jilian aims to supply products with "Competitive Prices, Excellent Quality and Quick Shipment", and provide perfect services for clients in the whole process.  Therefore, they invited TQM to conduct Action 510 Program on its 3 processes: sewing, die-cutting, and glueing.

Project Scope

  • Computerize sewing machines, and improve related processes to increase the efficiency of the operator

  • Introduce suitable tools to increase the operators’ efficiencies in fabrics processing with the dies

  • Suggest improvements in procedures and use of tools to increase operators’ efficiencies in glueing process


  • Increased fabric strips sewing rate, and improved working cycle time by 30%

  • Reduced sewing machine idle times by 10%

  • Increased utilization of fabrics

  • Increased production rate by adding more fabric layers in each operation

  • Improved gluing processes by automation

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TQM's Director, Ir Dr Aaron TONG (Right) inspected the production floor

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