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Kee Tat Manufactory Holdings Limited

Improve Time - Quality - Margin

Industry: Lighting Industry

Service: LEAN 6 Sigma / BPI (-QA)

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Kee Tat is a well-known OEM/ODM/JDM manufacturer of home lighting, smart products and audio products, products are exported to all over the world.


  • Improve its working process and shorten product production cycles

  • Improve after-sales customer satisfaction

  • Reduce the chance of product aging

  • Reduce production cost



  • Analyzed the potential improvement area and time compression in the working process of marking research

  • Reviewed the performance appraisal system

  • Developed improvement program

  • Built up a incentive scheme to motivate staffs to use the improved working process spontaneously


  • Production cycle reduced from 14 days to 2 days

  • The rate of aging of filament products decreased from 3% to 0.4%, a total decrease of 87%

  • Address the semi-finished product backlog and liquidized ¥ 13 million of WIP

  • Save business ¥1.5 million a year on semi-finished scrap product

  • Successfully reduces sluggish material by 44%

  • Increase inventory turnover from 7 rpm to 14 rpm, increased by 100%