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Kum Shing Construction Company Limited

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Staff Mindset Change for Customer Need Awareness

Industry: Construction, Interior Design and Surveying Service: Training

Kum Shing Construction Co., Ltd (Kum Shing) was founded in 1963. Kum Shing engages in various construction projects, including building construction, civil engineering, etc.


To pursue continuous improvement, enhance customer satisfaction, and become the best contractor, Kum Shing invited TQM to provide service skills training for its staff.

Project Scope

  • Help staff understand how they can enhance customer satisfaction via direct interaction to stimulate sales and revenue

  • Equip staff with skills of making customers feel privileged

  • Teach staff how to manage/exceed customer expectations

  • Equip staff with techniques of developing a customer-oriented attitude and delivering super service


  • Equipped staff with practical skills on improving customer service

  • Equipped staff with techniques to manage customer expectations

  • Identified and capitalized customer service opportunities

  • Increased staff’s awareness of customer needs

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Interactive Training Session

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