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The Lands Tribunal

The World’s 1st Judiciary Body to Obtain ISO 9001

Industry: Government/ Legal & Disciplinary Service: ISO/ SHE/ Management System

The Lands Tribunal is one of the four tribunals under HKSAR Judiciary. With the intention of enhancing its services to better serve the community, Lands Tribunal appointed TQM to provide consultancy advice in implementing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS).

Project Scope

  • Design, develop, and implement an ISO 9001 QMS

  • Enable staff to understand overall operation & document structure

  • Provide QMS training and coaching to the staff


  • Established a more efficient and effective operational system

  • Increased awareness of user focus and satisfaction

  • Improved monitoring of users’ waiting time at the counter

  • Increased the service level of The Lands Tribunal

  • Became the first judiciary body to obtain ISO 9001 Certification

Judiciary Lands Tribunal.jpg

TQM's DIrector, Ir Dr Aaron TONG (Right) and the lands tribunal

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