Improve! LEAN 6σ  

TQM has expertise and experience in LEAN 6-sigma, Process Improvement, Supply Chain Management Improvement consultancy and training . We are capable of using LEAN and 6-sigma Tools for improving all business processes : from material input to final outcome, and from top management to frontline operations. We enable enterprises to survive through hard times and assist them to excel in their business fields.

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In the early 2000s, we consolidated our experience. We have worked closely with our  US LEAN experts/ associates in various LEAN and 6-sigma projects for the HKSAR Government Divisions, Fortune 500, listed companies, multinational corporations, etc.. From such hands-on experience, TQM has developed the Act-N-Achieve© LEAN model. In response to our clients’ urgent needs, we have also invented a quick and sound <Action 5/10>© LEAN solution on top of our <Act-N-Achieve>© LEAN model. To ensure continual success in process improvement, tailor-made trainings can be provided to corporates.

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