Case Sharing

Li & Fung Limited

Improve Competitiveness From Up the Supply Chain

Industry: Textile and Apparels

Service: LEAN 6 Sigma/ BPI

Li & Fung Limited (Li & Fung) is a leading global consumer good design, development, sourcing and logistics company serving major brands and retailers. It has an extensive network of suppliers for producing high-quality garment. In order to further improve quality and production efficiency, Li and Fung consulted TQM to implement LEAN/ improvement projects for dozens of its key suppliers. 

Handbag Factories

Li & Fung, LEAN, 6 Sigma

Investigated the redesigning and reconstructing of the bag strip; launched DoE for automatically rivet loading and to reduce time needed for rivet alignment; streamlined to one-piece flow and further reduce the waiting time for next process.

Li & Fung, LEAN, 6 Sigma

Improved packaging process by implementing automation, tooling and fixture; reduced the time needed for this process;  the production speed increased with less manpower.

Fabric and Sewing Factories

Li & Fung, LEAN, 6 Sigma

Verify the appropriate light source to suit customer requirement and ensure the perceived color is the anticipated color.

Establish a comprehensive process control plan; enhanced the IQC, IPQC and QA; reduced cost and eliminated waste in key processes.

TQM’s Unique Subtractive Quality Assurance

Li & Fung, LEAN, 6 Sigma

Introduced Ir. Dr. TONG's“Subtractive Quality Assurance”solution that resolved the problems without spending excessive money in upgrading machines, recruiting more quality control staffs, etc.

Lighting Factories

Li & Fung, LEAN, 6 Sigma

Adjusted the accelerating factor of aging test, which compressed the testing time from 1,000 hours to 2 hours.

Li & Fung, LEAN, 6 Sigma

Deploy customized instrument for dimension measurement, which allows workers to handle 20 pieces in a minute (3 pcs/min in the past) by eliminating repeated works and reducing the sample size and testing time.


Li & Fung, LEAN, 6 Sigma

Lowered suppliers’ defect rate;

Boosted competitiveness of Li & Fung and her suppliers;

Substantial improvement in suppliers’ quality and productivity performances and on-time delivery rate.