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33% More Energy Efficient By Using TQM’s Approach

Industry: Textile and Apparels
Service: Energy Management

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has over 700 stores in 30 countries. M&S has been mobilizing its suppliers to fulfill its commitment of converting 50% of its suppliers into green plants (eco-factory) by 2015.

To remain competitive, a number of M&S suppliers invited TQM to provide energy audit services, and provide them with targeted improvement programmes to reduce carbon emissions and cost savings.

Project Scope

  • Examine various energy systems

  • Explore energy saving opportunities

  • Identify possible solutions to improve energy efficiency

  • Measure and verify the current efficiency, potential savings achievable, investment required, and estimate the payback period



  • Identified main energy consuming facilities and key production equipment in production lines

  • Reviewed operating conditions for main production auxiliary equipment (e.g. air conditioning and ventilation systems, air compressor systems, lighting equipment etc.)

  • Provide implementation plans to reduce energy consumption

  • Improved overall energy efficiency up to 33%

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