Popular Training Program

Our program combines structured management theories with immediate business application to facilitate participants in achieving both personal & business quantum leap via a 4-layer transformation from Strategic Management, Corporate Cultural Development, Business Innovation to Business Excellence.


Our corporate training has successfully transformed more than 10,000 senior executives across 35 industries, with our proven success model.

Strategic Management Series

  • Mastering Strategy and Turning Strategy into Results

  • Becoming an Effective Coach to your Staff

  • Building a Successful Team with the Enneagram

  • Smart Goal Setting & Achievement

  • Comprehensive Strategic Thinking

  • Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making

By providing professional training services to the management and employees, TQM has helped clients keep their improvement sustainable and consolidated our training experience into our SPR success model to enable a positive and sustainable transformation.

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Corporate Cultural Development Series

  • Leadership in the 21st Century

  • Presentation and Communication Skills

  • Building Your Own Professional Branding

  • Holistic Thinking for Developing the Corporate Culture

  • Motivating your Team to See the Possibility of Improvement & the Need to Change

  • Change Management

  • Personal Breakthrough for Developing the Corporate Culture

Business Innovation Series

  • -QA: Subtractive Quality Assurance

  • Extenics and Innovation

  • TRIZ Innovative Solutions in Engineering, Service & Management

  • Design Thinking

Business Excellence Series

  • Business Process Reengineering to create Fundamental Change and Improvement

  • Identifying Improvement Opportunities and Applying Appropriate Improvement Tools

  • Professional Project Management

  • Maximize the Organization's Performance with LEAN Six Sigma

  • Effective Vendor and Supplier Management