Assisted “China Association for Quality” to visit CLP

On 24 Mar, 2012, Ir. Dr. Aaron Tong arranged a visit to CLP for the China Association for Quality (CAQ) as the Industrial Advisor of the Hong Kong Quality Management Association (HKQMA). The CAQ Deputy Secretary General, Mr. JIAO Genquiang, led 50 leading Chinese enterprises to CLP, a world renowned organization in Hong Kong.

 In this trip, CAQ led its members together with Haier Group, Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, Shanxi Coking Coal, Shanxi Coking, Huozhou Coal and Electricity, Xishan Coal, China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP), ShaanGu, etc. to visit CLP.    


CLP: a electricity company pioneer in Asia/ World. Through observing CLP’s corporate and quality cultures in their working environment firsthand, as well as listening to their experience in quality culture establishment and integration of innovation and quality management were truly an eye-opening experience to CAQ’s members. Dr. Tong also shared TQM’s experience in the past 10 years on how to grow together with such an excellent client like CLP.

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