CLP Power’s Consultant & Training PARTNER -- TQM Consultants Co. Ltd.

TQM Consultants Co. Limited is equipped with extensive industry knowledge and hands-on management experience. We understand the needs of our clients and could work effectively with all levels of staffs within our clients’ organizations.

Since 1998, TQM has been CLP Power Hong Kong Limited’s consultant and training PARTNER in a wide range of services,  including:

(1) Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Integrated Management System, ISO 27001, 5S) certification   consultancy & training services

(2) Develop, review & streamline CLP’s SHEQ related manuals, guidelines, procedures & instructions

(3) Assist in internal audit review & reporting

(4) Establish supplier evaluation system, Train & Coach CLP’s engineers in evaluating the suppliers’ QA systems & selecting them

(5) Provide Training, Facilitation & Coaching Services:

● Technical & Quality Management Tools Training

● Soft Management Skills Training

● Innovative Designs Training

● Culture & Teambuilding Services

(6) Assist in CLP’s QCC implementation and arranging company   sharing visits to good practitioners in Quality & Management

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