Extenics and Six Sigma / 可拓学与六西格玛

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) and CityU organized an AGM on this Saturday, the 4th of August.

Dr Tong, founder of TQM, was invited as an awardee of China Outstanding Quality Professional. The discussion of the day was “Extenics and AI Application”, where AI reviewed the idea of +QA in traditional Quality Assurance. Dr Tong challenged such principle as it often incurs higher production costs without creating an immediate effect on quality. Modern Quality Assurance pursues both product and service, and take into the consideration of costs and delivery time. Therefore, Dr Tong targeted this concept and propose an idea of –QA. Which is about improving quality without increasing cost, using premium parts, conducting extra inspections or procedures. Next, he raised a successful case of Supor, largest cookware manufacturer in China and 2nd largest in the world, where the product return rate was reduced from 3% to 0.9%. He suggested that the key is to address the root of the problem by looking into the entire supply chain, and then use Six Sigma as a framework and formulate improvement plans.

On the other hand, Dr Lai, Chairman of HKSQ, also presented his latest research about the integration of Extenics and Six Sigma, where the gap between Analyse Phase and Improve Phase in Six Sigma could be filled.

Note: Extenics is a new discipline in Science, which explores the possibility of extending things, systems and rules. The ultimate purpose is to resolve contradiction and find solutions for complex problems.


大会以「可拓学与人工智能之应用」为题,唐博士重新审视传统品质保证概念,并质疑此概念为企业带来更高营运成本,但又未能达立竿见影之效。 现今品质保证追求产品与服务并重,并须考虑到成本及交期。所以,唐博士针对此现况提出「-QA 减法质量保证」理念。此理念鼓励在不增加成本,不用更好零件,不增加检查,不增加工序,甚至在减少成本的情况下来提升品质。唐博士把这理念实践在全国最大、全球第二大的炊具研发制造商-苏泊尔,与大家分享如何把退修率由3%减至0.9%。



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