HKTDC – Technical visit on Exhibition Service Department/香港贸易发展局 - 展览营运中心考察团

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Hong Kong is an international city and exhibition capital of Asia for its burgeoning exhibition industry. HKSQ organized a group technical visit, which leaded by Dr. TONG, to HKTDC’s Exhibition Service Department on 8 May in Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate. Mr. Harry FUNG, Manager of Exhibition Services, explained its operation for us.

Exhibition operation is particularly challenging in various industries and there are over 320 exhibitions and conferences take place in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in every years. And Exhibition Service Department set up over 50,000 booths each year. However, we all know that the exhibition date cannot be changed once it has been set as there are always several days between each two exhibitions. It is not that easy to thoroughly clean exhibition hall, rearrange booths and fix the logistics.

Therefore, Exhibition Service Department invited TQM helped it implementing IMS in 2002 and achieved the certificate in 2003. Since then, Exhibition Service Department built strict control system on QMS, EMS and OHSAS and developed risk control system. Now, Exhibition Service Department’s IMS has reached an international level and it is the only exhibition organization in Asia that achieved IMS certificate so far.

Moreover, Exhibition Service Department has developed Containerization, Centralized Vacuum System, Sticker Delaminating Machine and Panel Washing Machine so as to provide more booth equipment and exhibition facilities with high quality for exhibitors. These systems and machines guarantee high operation efficiency, alleviate employees’ fatigue, as well as keep them safe and healthy.



有见及此,展览营运中心于2002年由TQM协助下筹备考取综合管理系统(IMS),包括ISO 9001、ISO 14001及OHSAS 18001,幷于2003年一次性通过认证,在品质标准、环境管理及职业安全健康都建立了严格的控制程序和风险控制措施,达至国际级水平,亦是亚洲唯一一家拥有IMS认证的展览机构。

除了IMS认证,展览营运中心为提供更多高质的摊位设备及展览物料,研发了「集中箱系统」(Containerization)、「中央吸尘系统」(Centralised Vacuum System)、「起板机」(Sticker Delaminating Machine)及「洗板机」(PanelWashing Machine)等设备。这些设备不但能提高质素及营运效率,更能减低员工于工作时的劳损及保障员工职业安全健康。

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