Know more about OHS: High-rise buildings fire protection measures

As the international financial center, Hong Kong is renowned for abundant high-quality commercial buildings. However, one of the best quality commercial buildings in Central was reported to have insufficient fire protection measures. In an unfortunate event of a fire, the consequences can be disastrous.

According to the Fire Services Ordinance of Fire Services Department, refuge floors should be provided in all buildings exceeding 25 storeys in height. Refuge floor is a protected floor that serves as a refuge for the occupants of the building to temporarily assemble and rest in case of fire. Therefore, it should not be treated as a “temporary storage room” and should always have at least 50% of the total gross floor area cleared for refuge. Further, the fire door should always be closed and kept clear from any obstacles.

Recently, TQM has established a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS18001:2007) for the Drainage Services Department. In the audit that was recently conducted by certification body, the audit was passed with no unconformities. In particular, the system has performed excellently in fire contingency preparation, response and drills.

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