LEAN in Non-manufacturing Seminar

On 5th May, 2014, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – MIE Division (HKIE – MIE) and Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) jointly organized LEAN in Non-manufacturing seminar at HKIE in HK Causeway Bay.

Dr. TONG shared his Lean experience in non-manufacturing at this seminar, containing several subjects as below:

•Using process flow, including “Operation flow, information flow & cash flow”

•Difference between “Service and Product” & “7 Muda & Value Added Analysis”

•Case study in TQM Project, including Lean in CSL

•Setup time reduction methodology in fast food industry (e.g. McDonald)

•Ways to reduce the time from 1 hour to 10 minutes of making new contract in telecommunications operators

Share the Lean in Service Industry to HKIE’s Engineer

Ir. Richard Tse (Chairman of HKIE – MIE) gives the gift to Dr. Tong

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