Observatory’s “Radiation Monitoring & Assessment Branch” Establishing QMS天文台“辐射监测及评估科”建立品质管理体系

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

To ensure that our environment is not adversely affected by the operation of the nuclear power stations at Daya Bay, the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) implements an environmental radiation monitoring programme since 1987.

Radiation monitoring network consisting of 12 fixed radiation monitoring stations, and each stations installed a High Pressure Ionization Chamber (HPIC) which is very sensitive and can detect small changes in radiation level. The collected data and sample will then be further analysed.

In order to further enhance the quality of the gamma radiation measuring service, HKO invited TQM to help to establish a Quality Management System (QMS).

HKO’s ambient gamma radiation level measurement results not only as a protection for HK citizen, but also can reflect whether the operation of the nuclear power stations is under safe conditions. The result and the related information are available for public via HKO website and various channels.

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