Privacy Leakage due to loss of penalty tickets How to prevent this problem from an IE Perspective?

Recently, the loss of penalty tickets by police officers have occurred twice in three days, causing the leak of personal information of more than ten ticketed drivers. This has aroused public concern on the measures police officers take to protect private information and to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Do we really have to use high-tech services like RFID to protect personal data on the penalty tickets?

From an IE perspective, Poka Yoke is frequently used. Poka Yoke is a mechanism to eliminate human errors to prevent defects from happening. The concept was originated from the production of Toyota cars and was known globally through industrial quality management promotion. Its purpose is to ensure correct operation of workers with no requirements on workers’ attention, experiences or professional knowledge. For example, the use of red, green and yellow area can clearly divide the “fail”, “pass” and “work in process” area respectively.

In the privacy leakage incident, what Poka Yoke method can we use? Common practices are to use a neck chain to hold the penalty tickets, or place a brightly-coloured ribbon on the penalty ticket book. This is the same theory as people using a neck chain to hold their octopus card to prevent loss of card. If we observe and think more, IE tools can be applied in daily life frequently.

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