SIEMENS - Fight for Meeting the Requirements of World-class Clients

Through the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, there are all Siemens' attracted posters on both sides of the aisle.

Siemens has made great contributions to the China World Expo as its cooperative partner.

TQM has also made humble contribution to Siemens over the past six months, helping Shanghai Siemens Switchgear Ltd. to give advice and suggestions to further improve its quality in order to meet the requirements of world-class clients.

It was not an easy job, as is known to all, Germans are very famous for their preciseness and carefulness and Shanghainese are also excellent as China's technical forces.

Impletmenting the project well was interesting but also challenging because of cultural difference.

TQM made the best use of Hong Kong's management culture in this project - introducing the best quality management technology suitable to the Siemens' current situation to its quality system. Sharing with useful methods but not just sticking to one type, for instance, FMEA originated from USA military, Poka Yoke from Japan Toyota system and cross-functional coordination in contemporary management theories etc. All these have complementary advantages with Shanghai Siemens' originated precise Germany testing measure and Shanghai technology. General Manager Dr. Siegfried Ruhland appreciated TQM's assistance for TQM just spent a few days to guide the staffs in its Shanghai factory to find out the comprehensive solutions to deal with the 5 biggest problems bothering the production process in the past. What is important is that all these solutions only involving less investment. Dr. Siegfried Ruhland encouraged Shanghai's colleagues to surpass German factory's quality with further assistance of TQM.

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