System Upgrade for DSD / 为渠务署升级管理系统

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

TQM assisted Hong Kong’s one of the most complex Integrated Management System(IMS) - Drainage Services Department (DSD) to passed its 7 divisional IMS audits with ZERO Non-conformities on 7 August 2018.

The 7 IMS cover Quality, Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. The scale of the Department is a key challenge in the project- 1,759 staffs of different ranking, education background and job duty. TQM tailored work programmes to ensure the needs of different divisions are fulfilled. Overall processes and systems are streamlined to increase operational performance.

TQM has been an expert in quality consultancy for the Government and other public bodies. Once again, our sincere gratitude to the Department for their full support, and we wish to have another fruitful partnership in the near future.


渠务署的7个综合体系均分别包含了质量、环境及职业安全健康管理体系。部门规模是此项目最具挑战性的一环- 1,759名不同职级、学历及工作范围的雇员。TQM要为不同员工制定方案,确保部门的需要得以满足。工作流程和系统亦通过简化提升效率。


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