TQM becomes the first 5 CSDC of WISDP / TQM 成为 香港联合国教科文组织 (UNESCO HK) - 全球可持续发展规划师学会 (WISDP) 公司会员

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Ir. Dr. TONG (1st from Right) represents TQM, received the CSDC certificate

The World Institute of Sustainable Development Planners (WISDP), UNESCO Hong Kong Association (UNESCO HK) held a conference on April 20 (Friday) at HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education and announced the first five companies of Certified Sustainable Development Corporate (CSDC).

TQM become the first 5 Certified Sustainable Development Corporate of WISDP. For the past 24 years, TQM has provided consultancy and training services to our clients and has completed over 4,000 projects in 35 industries. We have obtained a 70% share of certifications consultancy assignments by the HKSAR Government and government-related organizations.

TQM, Certified Sustainable Development Corporate

WISDP is a Learned Society fostering advocating the UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in accordance with the three components of Environment, Society and Economy. Training is provided for professionals according to their needs and successful trainees are awarded professional membership from WISDP and the UNESCO HK Association, and subject to adequate relevant work experience, trainees are entitled to become Certified Sustainable Development Planners (CSDP). Opportunities are provided for awardees to apply for Fellowship status after a number of years of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

In 2018, 6 Divisions will launch training programmes leading to professional memberships. A ceremony of WISDP will be held in April to kick-start training programmes in Corporate Social responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Finance and Investment, Healthy Society and Wellness, Early Childhood Education, Sustainability in Engineering and Sustainable development in Insurance. Introductary talk of Sustainable Development Programmes will be held on 28th April 2018. Executive Diploma in Sustainable Development for Engineering Professional will start in late April.

香港联合国教科文组织 (UNESCO HK) - 全球可持续发展规划师学会 (WISDP) 于4月20日(星期五)在香港大学专业进修学院举行发布会,公布5间首批认证可持续发展公司。


WISDP是UNESCO 的执行架构,由「联合国2030年可持续发展议程」和17项可持续发展目标 (SDGs) 的倡导者于2017年12月成立。其使命是与国际社会和公共部门共同努力,「通过教育、科学、文化,促进可持续发展及推动国际间文化交流」。

WISDP 根据公司是否符合联合国可持续发展目标的要求,包括商业运作,战略,文化和成就方面的专业标准。 获得WISDP CSDC认证的公司能够证明其可持续发展的专业精神和支持。 WISDP认证可持续发展企业可以使用CSDC标识和CSDP标识来确定他们对可持续发展的贡献。


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