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Asset management is a key issue for any business. At Integrated Compliance Solutions,TQN works with businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge through certification standards and processes important to their clients and stakeholders.


We have experience working with businesses in several industries. Our consultants will help identify what it is that you need, develop a plan to get you there and support you in achieving those goals. We assist to identify and spot existing or potential failures of critical equipment which can avoid unexpected downtimes, high costs caused by lost production, deferments and high repairing expenses. This increases the profitability of your company and boost further development. 

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ISO 55001 Certification


Without our predictive asset management software, clients can modify spotted problems and based on our strong and reliable database to predict the expected duration of the upcoming failure on critical equipment. This allows your company to manage financial spending and budgeting ahead. By being able to track important details of each assets of your company in real time, we help to decrease your administrative time, higher asset utility visualization and improvement in service. 

We can help to secure and prevent your assets' usability which contributes towards your efficiency by utilizing our software together with real time database.

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