Presenting an Award

​Quality Awards

For years, the Trade & Industry Department (TID) of the HKSAR Government has appointed TQM to be the External Assessor of Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Quality for years. Over 100 good practitioners of Total Quality Management, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award have shared and enlightened us with their stories.

With these benchmarking insights, and with experience in over 6,500 consultancy projects, We offer services to support organizations pursuing quality improvement using the National Malcolm Baldrige Award Criteria, and the National and Local Quality Award Criteria. TQM helps organizations to establish award models and assessment schemes, as well as assist entrants to formulate their award-winning strategies and get prepared for the upcoming competitions or presentations.

Assist Award Entrants in:

Red Chairs


Award Strategy Formulation


Strategy Implementation


Presentation and Reporting


Rehearsal for the Award

Assist Award Organizers and Corporations in:

  • Searching for the best award models in different countries

  • Coordinating with experts to tailor-make/ develop award models and criteria to meet the local culture

  • Monitoring the assessment team to:

    • Conduct detailed evaluation on

      • strategic planning and

      • implementation process

    • Provide recommendations on

      • directions to improve and

      • development strategies


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The HKMA QualityAward

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