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Safety Management & Certs

Address Potential Risks

Safety management is an important element for enterprise to succeed. We provide one-stop, value-added consulting services and training to help our clients to identify and resolve potential safety risks systematically, and raise the safety awareness within the enterprises. TQM adopts a 10-Steps Approach to assist clients to establish and implement an SMS for the independent RSA Audit against the F&IU (SM) Regulation. 

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Consultancy Service

Since 1994, TQM has been helping clients to design, develop, implement and achieve certifications in various management systems. We provide OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 Consultancy Service to improve client's OHS awareness and performance.

Responsible for the MOST Complicated OHSMS

TQM has designed and implemented the MOST complicated Occupational Health and Safety Management System for EMSD and CLP.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System 

New Occupational Health & Safety Management System international standard ISO 45001 has been published on 12 Mar 2018. TQM, a pioneer in OHSMS, has upgraded to ISO 45001 shortly after the official publication of the new standard. TQM has provided OHSMS consultancy service to The Venetian Macao ad Harriman Property Management Limited and assisted them to achieve ISO 45001 certification successfully.

Safety Review and RSA Audit

We provide independent Safety Audit/ Review services to our clients, verifying their SMS against the F&IU(SM) Regulation in Hong Kong. Our Registered Safety Auditors (RSA) will then present the findings to the clients, and coach them to improve. A comprehensive Safety Audit/ Review Report will be provided for submission to the Labor Department of the HKSAR Government. We have conducted over 500 RSA Audits for clients in various industries.

Measurable Payback typically will show in few months or 1 to 2 years.

Safety Culture Development

To ensure Safety at Work is instinctive and natural, we assist our clients to build up the Safety Culture through Experiential Learning, Coaching and Debriefing Support. This, together with the Safety Management & Technical Skills Training, constitutes the full spectrum of our training services.