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Safety Management Audit For >500 Clients

Industry: Manufacturing

Services: Safety Mgt./ Training

The Factory and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation made by the Commissioner for Labour was approved by the Legislative Council on 24 November 1999 and come into effect on 1st April 2002. The regulation applies to contractors, ship yards, factories and designated industrial undertakings of over 50 workers. It calls for the establishment and implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS) with regular safety reviews (for systems with 50 to 99 workers) or safety audits (for systems with 100 or more workers).


For those contractors, ship yards, factories and industrial undertakings, it is mandatory to implement an SMS as well as conducting regular safety reviews/safety audits. TQM assisted / assisting their clients to conduct over 500 RSA audits / safety reviews (against F&IU(SM) Regulation).

Project Scope

  • Appoint independent registered safety auditors to conduct a safety audit in accordance with the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation (F&IU(SM)) of Hong Kong

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of its safety management system

  • Provide an RSA audit report on the audit results for submission to the HKSAR Government and/ or for client's own retention.



  • Identified areas for improvement for an organization’s SMS and safety performance

  • Reduced insurance costs, production down time and compensation to staff due to accidents and incidents

  • Formulated a formal safety review/ safety audit in addition to legal compliance

  • Ensured continuous improvement of the safety management system and safety performance


Some of Our Delighted Clients:

  • SAE Magnetics (H.K.) Ltd

  • Nestlé Hong Kong Ltd

  • Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd.

  • Ngo Kee Joint Venture

  • Barbican Construction Co., Ltd.

  • Vibro (H.K.) Ltd.

  • Tai Yieh Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • BMW Concessionaires Ltd.

  • Sime Darby Motor Services Ltd.

  • Taikoo Motors Ltd.

  • Taikoo Asian Motors Ltd.

  • Wearnes Motors (HK) Ltd.

  • Jebsen & Co., Ltd.

  • Maeda Corporation

  • Shinryo (Hong Kong) Ltd.

  • Zung Fu Company Ltd.

  • C&C Security Printing Co. Ltd.

  • CMC Magnetics (HK) Ltd.

  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • AIT (Hong Kong) Ltd