Case Sharing 

Season Components Company Limited

Better Customer Service with a Stronger Team

Industry: Electronics and Electrical Appliances
Service: Supplier Management, Training, Plant Layout Improvement

Season Components Company Limited (Season) was founded in 1975. Season is now recognized as a prominent manufacturer of mold/dyes, PCBA, etc. Season consulted TQM to provide mindset transformation training, coaching workshops and LEAN services to provide excellent customer service.

Project Scope

  • Design and conduct a Team Building Workshop to form an effective team

  • Build up the supervisors' sense of ownership, accountability & responsibility

  • Identify rooms for improvement in production & other operational areas

  • Train staffs to apply appropriate management tools & techniques to improve

  • Optimize the plant layout and improve the operation process workflow

  • Improve supplier, sub-contractor & customer relationship management



  • Built cohesive teams with good leadership and effective communicators

  • Enabled participants to see things more positively

  • Enhanced perception with DISC, Enneagram, MBTI & personal belief system

  • Improved the yield of production line by 30%

  • Reduced new products time-to-market by 40%

  • Reduced the cycle time of matured products by 35-50%

  • Reduced the overall costs by 22%

  • Increased inventory turns by 38%