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Siemens AG

Integrate German, US & Japan Quality Tools
To Produce Products of Great Reliability

Industry: Electronics and Electrical Appliances
Service: LEAN 6 Sigma/ BPI

Siemens AG is a German company headquartered in Berlin and Munich, and is the largest engineering company in Europe with branch offices abroad.
Siemens is a supplier of CLP Group, which mandates their equipment’s useful life to be at least 30 years.  To attain the requirement, Siemens invited TQM to provide LEAN consultancy services to raise its productivity while adhering CLP’s requirements, whereby CLP mandates Siemens to 100% implement TQM’s recommendations

Project Scope

  • Assess Siemens’ current situation

  • Identify improvement opportunities within the process flow

  • Consolidate and standardize workmanship requirements

  • Provide LEAN and process improvement tools training


  • Improved process flows

  • Standardized workmanship requirements

  • Equipped staff with skills and knowledge to apply LEAN and process improvement tools

  • Achieved substantial quality improvement

  • Siemens Shanghai 100% fulfill CLP’s requirements

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