Your Total Solution to Excellence

Subtractive Quality Assurance model broke through the outdated views, providing

The solution to complete project with

less time, less budget and deliver full contents in high quality.

Quality — Cost — Time: they say 'pick any two'

In the traditional thinking, company used to lower product defect rate by using components with higher quality. Therefore, the undivided problem is that the cost will increase so the profit margin will be lower.  

Our –QA model is able to maintain the time, quality and cost at the optimal level by resolving the root cause of the critical issue. For decades, it has been widely applied in various industrial and service firms in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Supor 20200731 (edited).jpg
Saved ¥100 million/ year while Improving after-sale defect rate by 70% without extra inspection cost or investment.
Saved ¥1.5 million/ year on WIP scrap while Reducing Defect Rate by 70% & Shortening production cycle by 80%.