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ISO 50001 Energy Management System

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Sun Chung Property Management Company Limited was established in 1982. As of today, Sun Chung has developed for more than 30 years. It provides property management services to its clients including all units under Bank Of China. To deliver service beyond expectations from both its clients and the society, Sun Chung developed Energy Management System (EnMS) for buildings it manages including BOC Tower, BOC Centre and BOC Wan Chai Commercial Centre. For continuous improvement and enhancement, Sun Chung, therefore, invited TQM to provide consultancy service for its EnMS maintenance.

Project Scope

  • Key Buildings: BOC Tower, BOC Centre and BOC Wan Chai Commercial Centre

  • Conduct energy audit, identify major energy sources and analyze energy consumption

  • Make analysis against energy performance and indicators

  • Set clear goals and develop Opportunity Assessment on Energy Performance Improvement

  • Develop/ optimize documents of the management plan, training plan, measurement and monitoring plan, etc.

  • Identify improvement opportunities for energy management


  • Sun Chung successfully passed SGS ISO 50001 follow-up audit

  • Greatly improved the energy efficiency of BOC Tower, BOC Centre and BOC Wan Chai Commercial Centre and saved cost

  • Some expected improvements:

  • Air-conditioning: reduce annual electricity consumption by 8%

  • Lighting: reduce annual electricity consumption by 40,000 kwh

  • Lift motor system: reduce annual electricity consumption by 30%

  • Guaranteed the effective implementation and continuous improvement of EnMS

  • Achieved energy management goals and meet the commitment to continuously improve energy performance

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