Case Sharing 

SunLuxe Enterprise Limited

70% Productivity Improved Without Extra Resources

Industry: E & M, Engineering and Vehicle Repair Services
Service: LEAN 6 Sigma/ BPI    

SunLuxe, LEAN

SunLuxe Enterprise Limited (SunLuxe) designs and manufactures vehicle electrical accessories with regards to environmental aspects.


SunLuxe invited TQM to assist to implement LEAN Manufacturing to minimize cost and maximize resource effectiveness.

Project Scope

  • Analyze and identify non-value-added processes

  • Re-engineer its production processes by combining and simplifying

  • Transform its production lines to U-shape and eliminate wastes

  • Re-design the layout of its production floor according to the LEAN Manufacturing model


  • Improved productivity by 69% without adding resources

  • Reduced 50% defect rate

  • Established corporate culture of LEAN Manufacturing

  • Enhanced staff’s team spirit