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Enable Annual Saving of 100M RMB and

Dramatically Improve the Products’ Reliability by 80%

Industry: Household Appliance
Service: Cost Optimisation, Quality Improvement, Reliability Engineering, HALT & HASS


Enable Annual Saving as a result of product cost optimisation

Provided consultancy service in identifying potential causes of failure

Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd. (SUPOR) is the leader in Cookware and Electric Kitchen Appliance Industries in China, SUPOR strives for quality excellence and continuous improvement and invited TQM to provide consultancy service in various aspects.

Project Scope

  • Work closely with Product Development Team, Production Engineers and QC/ Reliability Engineers.

  • Design HALT and HASS tests to identify potential causes of failures in the selected products.

  • Provide technical advice in reliable product design and quality-related issues resolution.

  • Improve its working efficiency and the level of product quality

  • Reengineer its products and reduce the total cost


  • Enable annual saving f 100M RMB utilising value engineering in product design

  • Analyzed all problems and causes of quality degradation in the production process

  • Reviewed the conditions of the production and quality test equipment

  • Use -QA methodology to achieve quality improvement

  • Propose improving strategies to quality management, procurement, design and processes to improve business management capabilities

  • Develop improvement schemes for suppliers, businesses and consumers.

  • Designed and supervised the HALT and HASS tests for switches, LED lights and LED Segment Displays.

  • Identified the critical failures and their root causes.

  • Resolved quality-related issues, such as PCBA defects due to varnish applications, were resolved.

  • Conducted a series of quality training for SUPOR's Product Development Team, Production Engineers and QC/ Reliability Engineers to enhance their awareness and knowledge in quality control and assurance.

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