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Zhejiang Supor Limited

Improve Time - Quality - Margin

Industry: Electric Kitchen Appliances Industry

Service: LEAN 6 Sigma / BPI (-QA)

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Supor is China's largest cookware research and development, manufacturers, national key high-tech enterprises, the first listed cookware company. Its main products are open-fire cooking utensils, kitchen appliances, etc.


  • Improve its working efficiency effectively

  • Increase the level of product quality

  • Reduce production cost

  • Improve level of management ability

  • Reduce the rate of product post-sales non-performance and post-sales repair



  • Analyzed all problems and causes of quality degradation in production process

  • Reviewed the conditions of the production and quality test equipment

  • Use TQM subtraction to achieve quality improvement

  • Propose improving strategies to quality management, procurement, design and processes to improve business management capabilities

  • Develop improvement schemes for suppliers, businesses and consumers


  • Improved production and quality testing equipment level

  • Product post-sale non-performance rate reduced by 70%

  • Reduced major components by 3%

  • Enhanced production quality by 80%

  • Expected to save ¥100 million for the company