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Supply Chain Management

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TQM’s Rich Experience in Supply Chain Management Improvement

By achieving better supply chain management, companies can live up high expectation. Productivity will be increased by optimizing processes, increasing production capacity, shortening production time and improving the performance. Product quality will also be improved, at the same time reduce wastage and lower costs to improve margin. Working conditions will be improved by lessening OT hours, more available resources, better meals, medical benefits and working environment. A good supply chain management can lead to a win-win situation, as supply chain relationships will improve, production capacity will increase and risks will be migrated.

Throughout the years, TQM collaborates with its clients to help them achieve concrete and sustainable growth (on average 30-50%). Our professional services have helped clients identify opportunities for constructive and result-oriented improvements.

Effective Supply Chain Strategy

Designing and translating the corporate vision into supply chain strategies allows companies achieving high performance both in traditional supply chains and service operations. A supply chain strategy should be aligned with that of the overall business. Misaligned supply chain strategies can create issues detrimental to customer service and profitability. 

Supply Chain Value Transformation and Optimization

Many companies are struggling to adapt to these new market forces without losing efficiency or adding cost into their supply chains. Some mergers may result in a surplus of assets and facilities, excess inventory, or distribution networks no longer appropriate for a consolidated business operation. TQM assists clients to identify the most effective channels and integrate them by way of an optimal and profitable strategy to unlock the values in supply chain processes and service operations through a transformation journey.

Process and Quality Improvement through

Excellent Supply Chain Management

TQM conducts reviews on daily operations and sets Corporate Goals and Key performance index (KPI) to improve production efficiency of suppliers by eliminating unnecessary production time, resolve the bottleneck problems of production line and set up plan of labour efficiency improvement. Also, by strengthening the quality testing mechanism, TQM assists suppliers to improve product quality significantly.

TQM also strives to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of departmental procedures in management and planning; as well as the entire supply chain (including suppliers, subcontractors, service providers and internal/external customers). Positive attitudes and collaborative efforts from different levels of employees (i.e. managers and other staffs)  are highly valued and emphasized. Thus, we empower employees to support and adapt to the reform by providing effective workplace counseling and training in time of changes in client companies.

Strategic Vendor Management

Strategic Souring helps reduce risk as to achieve cost-effectiveness and product quality enhancement. Vendor Management could help evaluating suppliers’ performance as to achieve suppliers’ capability improvement. Strategic vendor management also encourage ethical trade including working condition improvement. Ethical trade could achieve better staff engagement and labour turnover rate reduction.

Benchmarking Assessments

  • Assessed Suppliers’ Quality in each Department/ Section

  • Compared and Benchmarked

  • Advised the Suppliers on How to Improve Quality

Successful Case Sharing

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Improving Productivity and Enhancing Morality
Li & Fung Limited
Improving Competitiveness From Up the Supply
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Improving Productivity and Enhancing Morality

Improving Competitiveness From Up the Supply 

Largely Reduced Production Time of Samples with SMED

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Improving Competitiveness From Up the Supply

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