Outdoors Meeting

Survey & Questionnaire

Designing Survey/ Questionnaire

Promote Survey to draw attention

Collect Response and tabulate data

Recommend for strategic planning

Asking the right questions is key to getting good answers. Have your questionnaire designed by our team or just let us check your survey for logic inconsistencies.  As professionals in market research, we offer you research and business consultancy along with questionnaire research methodology support. 

Staff Opinion Survey

We provide customized staff opinion survey services to enable companies to gain more insights into its staffs' needs and expectations, whether the corporate's leadership and delegation style suits workers and is able to improve their efficiency, the working atmosphere, as well as to explore other motivational factors that other employees are not yet aware of. This can therefore better manage the employment relationships, build loyalty, and reduce staff turnover.

Improving Employees'

  • Trust and loyalty
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Work motivation
  • Discipline


  • Turnover Rate
  • Customer Complaints
  • Employee Complaints

High level of satisfaction of the employees

Improving Corporate's

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Profitability
  • Service quality

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Using the same methodology as the staff opinion survey, we build channels for corporates to listen to customers' voices and opinions. Not only can we look at the numerical data, we can also uncover the reasons behind each customer’s choices, which areas of your products and services are doing well and which need improvements. Hence, we can enhance the scope and quality of your services to fulfil customers' expectations accordingly.



Customer Service





Makes me feel valued






Value for money

Variety/ range





Help meet customer goals

honest and trustworthy

Good corporate citizen

Industry specialists

Cares about me


ROI based KPI

Overall satisfaction

Likelihood to recommend

Repeat purchase

Strategic KPIs



Topical Elements

Improvement suggestions

Marketing initiatives

Future channel use

Product/ Service initiatives



TQM not only provides a set of suitable and appropriate questionnaires but also analyzes the data and results from customer satisfaction and staff opinion survey. We will gather all the information and provide customized recommendations related to your company on how to improve and achieve a more satisfying overall performance. This helps with the business continuity and further development of your company. As an experienced and professional consulting firm, TQM will also provide benchmark analysis and further action plans based on our understanding of the nature and theory behind the industry’s operation methods. We can help your company stand out from the competition.

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